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For the late arrival

A little something for the late arrival?


Then a tapas - appetiser plate is perfect.  

Upon arrival, a nice board in front of you, consisting of all kinds of delicacies. 


Tapas plate in this case does not mean pure tapas, but more small things that can be eaten like that.

Here you get a.o:
- Spanish Fuet
- Various meat products
- Spanish Serrano Ham
- Melon cubes
- Local Canary Island cheese
- International cheese
- Nut mix 
- Sweet olives
- Toasted bread
- Bread
- Ali-Oli (garlic mayo)
- Some small snacks (always different)
 Prices are per person


Are you crazy about cheese? Then go for the Cheese, Cheese and even more Cheese plank. The name says it all, there is a lot of cheese on this board. 

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