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Maspalomas Carnival 2024

Maspalomas Carnival 20234

  • Info: from 7 to 17 March 2024
  • location: Yumbo Shopping centre, maspalomas 


It´s like Rio de Janeiro had come to Spain with a lot of Salsa and Rumba music and a whole host of glamorous personalities. In the Yumbo Center, there are 10 days of activities, performances, fashion shows and of course the election of the Carnival-Queen and Drag Queen shows & parties...


One of the main tourist spots on the island is the Yumbo Shopping Centre, here visitors can find many activities planned throughout the year, including the Drag Gala and the Carnival Queen Gala, among many others.


Event at the maspalomas carnival 2024

  • Opening night of the carnival
  • Drag Queen Preselection
  • Election of the Senior Queen 
  • Carnival for Children
  • Election for the children Queen
  • Borderless Show
  • Tropical party
  • Salsa Night


In case you won't bring any special costume with you on holiday, you will able to find somthing suitable in one of the chinese shops or even in some big supermarkets.


Drag Queen Gala: A large number of drag queens from all over the island perform in the most extravagant carnival costumes and show different choreographies to entertain the audience during the much anticipated gala.

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